Get free gaming gear!

Just a few weeks ago I recieved quite a few4GB micro sd cards and an R4 Ultra (the ultra version accepts SDHC cards). Using the R4 Ultra you can backup all your games into one micro sd card, on top of that you can watch movies and listen to music on it.

I recieved the prizes from Gaming Lagoon, they allow almost anyone to be able to claim free gaming gear such as Wii Points, SD cards, gamerpoints etc. With them I got well over $50 worth of kit for less than a weeks worth of work.

I hope you make the right decision and join Gaming Lagoon.


Nintendo’s anti-piracy mechanism!

Nintendo has no REAL anti-piracy mechanism except this: If you buy the game you get free accessories that only work on this game and that this game needs!

An example would be Wii Sports Beach Resort where Motion Plus is required to play the game. No motion plus no game, no game no senseless fun, no senseless fun no friends. Anyway this can easily stop piracy since the ISOs need to be downloaded to be played on a chipped or soft-modded Wii. Since you can’t physically download hardware you can’t get motion plus for free.

A real life example would be Wii Fit. As far as I am aware it is impossible to illegally acquire a working copy of Wii Fit that will fully function on your Wii.

Free R4DS Cartridge and DSTT Cartridge!

Want to play homebrew games on your DS, want to watch movies on it, want to carry all your games on one cartridge? You can do this using a R4 cartridge or a DSTT cartridge.

You could buy them from sites such as Amazon but it could cost you a lot of money. To help on your way I found this ULTRA-COOL site where you can get a free one instead which is much more preferable. To get it for free go to this site , just sign-up and follow the on site instructions to get your free R4 or DSTT cartridge.

If you don’t feel like doing that you can still buy an R4 from Amazon.
R4Revolution Pack From Amazon

Legend of Zelda: Lost Chapters of Hyrule -First Part

I have typed up the first part of the Lost Chapters of Hyrule. Enjoy!

GBW PageRank and other gaming news.

On my day to day surfing I found Check Page Rank which does the same thing as other PR checkers but this one seems to tell me if my PR is real which although may be something small and futile but is a great feature for people who like SEO etc. Check my PR out!

Also, while I am here I thought I should talk a bit about some insider news I have heard recently: Read the rest of this entry »

A New Game Website

I just browsed thru a new gaming website has lots flash games Action , Arcade, Puzzle, Racing and more.. Dress up Barack is a new celebrity game added up 🙂 Its loaded up with more games..

Nearly have Super Smash Bros. Brawl

My summer holidays have begun and i just ordered SSBB yesterday on Amazon. If i chose the “super-saver delivery” I would from anticipation. Hopefully it will arrive by tomorrow or maybe Tuesday, I was going to do a documentary about it but I thought I could spend my time playing the game instead.